A flooded bathroom caused by a shoelace

We attended an out of hours call for a flooded bathroom, Portsmouth, Hampshire

A flooded bathroom caused by a shoelace

Article by David Powell,

We were called out to Portsmouth early on a Sunday morning to a flooded bathroom.

On arrival the customer explained that she used the shower first thing that morning but when she had finished the water had not run away down the drain but instead spilled out from under the shower door and flooded the bathroom of the first floor flat.

After mopping up the water and inspecting the waste fitted in the shower tray I found that it was a pump assisted waste. After removing a panel in the bathroom I found the pump and checked the 5amp fuse which was ok. I ran the shower briefly and the pump did start up but was not clearing the water away.

I disconnected outlet waste pipe from the pump to the soil stack to check for a blockage and found a shoelace had somehow managed to get down the plug hole and into the pump and wrapped itself around the impeller. This then stopped the pump from circulation and moving the water.

Reassembled the waste pipework and reconnected to the pump. Ran shower to test for 5-10 minutes to test for correct operation of the pump and for leaks.

Refitted the panel completed the Job.

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