Boilers - Buy Cheap, Buy Twice - beware of the rogue trader

Boiler repairs in Southampton needed because of a low cost boiler installation. ACE were called out to repair a boiler installation carried out by a rogue trader.

Boilers - Buy Cheap, Buy Twice - beware of the rogue trader

Article by David Powell,

An electrician attended a site in Southampton to carry out works on porch lighting when he noticed the new Worcester boiler did not appear to be fitted to standard and they advised it should be checked over by a Gassafe registered engineer to make sure it was safe.

ACE were contacted to inspect the boiler Installation.

I attended the site and found multiple issues with the installation including the condensate pipe had been run into a plastic bowl and the boiler hadn’t been fitted with a shock arrestor as required by the manufacturer.

There was also a fault, that had been an issue from the time of installation, where the boiler was constantly filling itself due to a pin hole leak in the plate heat exchanger. As the system pressure was constantly above 3bar, the pressure relief valve was permanently open and trying to release the excess pressure into the drain outside. This was the equivalent of an open tap running continuously for months, being on a water meter this had likely run up quite the water bill! 

Most alarmingly the flue had not been fitted correctly, sealed or secured appropriately giving the potential for products of combustion, including carbon monoxide, to enter the living spaces. 

The boiler was recorded as dangerous and remedial works were advised.

Thankfully Worcester kindly agreed to honour the remaining warranty providing the boiler installation was brought up to standard and made safe beforehand.

I returned to install a new shock arrestor to the cold water supply to the boiler and run a new condensate pipe directly to outside and into a drain and lagged in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.  

I removed and refitted the flue making sure it was sealed and secured throughout. I then re-commissioned the boiler.

Worcester then sent their engineer out to replace the plate heat exchanger and pressure relief valve under warranty. They have also advised the system wasn’t flushed correctly which will need to be done again incurring more costs. 

Unfortunately, the customer had been taken advantage of by a rogue trader who seduced them with a low cost installation, this ultimately cost them far more in money and inconvenience in the long term.

If you are thinking of getting a new boiler or need a boiler repaired make sure you get in touch with Gassafe registered engineers like us here at ACE.

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