Importance of the Landlords Gas safety inspection

A Landlords gas safety inspection in Sholing, Southampton

Importance of the Landlords Gas safety inspection

Article by David Powell,

I attended a rented property in Sholing, Southampton to carry out a routine gas safety inspection on a Glow worm condensing regular boiler. Advised by the tenant that the boiler was noisy on startup, the heating had fallen in efficiency and the gas bill was higher than usual.

I proceeded to do a ‘Gas tightness’ test on the gas pipework and gas appliances from the gas meter to establish if the rise in gas usage was caused by a gas leak, but no leak was found.

On inspection of the boiler, I found some heat damage and a build up of debris around the heat exchanger. Emissions checks on the appliance from the flue showed high levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and any attempt to bring these down by adjusting the gas valve in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions proved futile.

As a result of these high readings I stripped out the combustion door and burner to find the graphite gasket warn and the rubber condensate gasket had failed. This was letting heat and products of combustion spill from the seal into the outer chamber, which meant the boiler was immediately dangerous.

I also found the spark electrodes that ignite the gas had warped. This was the reason for the noise on startup as there was a small build-up of gas before it finally lit. This is commonly known as explosive ignition. As a result of these findings, I replaced the graphite combustion door seal and electrodes and cleaned out debris from inside the combustion chamber.

I reassembled the boiler and carried out an analysis of the emissions. Some calibration was required to bring the boilers co2 readings back to a nominal level.

I then checked the gas inlet working pressure on the boilers high rate then carried out a second gas tightness test which again passed.

On completion of the successful Landlords gas safety inspection, the certificate was sent via email to the landlord and the boilers efficiency was restored.

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